As homeowners, we understand you want your property in the best hands as you transition it to a vacation rental for guests. You also want guests to enjoy the best experience during their stay. This is where vacation rental professionals can help. Our members follow local ordinances, stay up to date on cleaning and safety best practices, and devote the proper resources to managing a property so you don’t have to.

At VRMA, we highlight the professional characteristics of our members, and by professional, we mean taxpaying, local, and consistent, or TLC.


Vacation rentals provide occupancy taxes that help localities provide vital services and balance budgets. This makes a tangible, measurable impact within our communities, whereas non-professionals may not collect proper taxes (or collect none at all), resulting in lost revenue to the state. In addition, our knowledge of the area guides guests to new experiences that generate additional tax revenue to further economic growth and community improvement.


Professional management also means local involvement. Why is this important? Being so closely connected to the community means we follow local “good neighbor” rules concerning noise, trash, parking, etc., and, therefore, don’t disrupt residents and ecology nearby. In addition, we know professionals contribute to the community by sponsoring local programs, participating in community service and much more. No matter if we operate in one town or across the country, vacation rental professionals dedicate local resources to their business to provide involvement, expertise, and contributions to the local community.


Finally, our consistency. From understanding local ordinances to protecting the character of the neighborhood, it’s our job to maintain and deliver consistent quality that guests, neighbors, and homeowners can expect. Frankly, our success depends on it, and professional managers know the importance of providing consistent, high-quality service. VRMA also offers certification and accreditation that raises the bar and enables professional vacation rental managers and hosts to be the best that they can be.