Resources & Advocacy Toolkit

As important legislation is being considered that impacts the industry, our goal is to inform and educate everyone who partakes in these conversations, as well as inspire professionals to take action in their local communities.

Our resources were specially curated from VRMA members and industry professionals who have provided their experience, expertise, and knowledge of how to engage.

National Housing Study

VRMA partnered with Oxford Economics to better understand the real drivers of housing affordability and the role short-term vacation rentals play. Get a sneak peek of the results before the full report is release soon.

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Economic Impact Studies

Short-term vacation rentals provide economic value and impact to communities all across the country. To showcase these impacts, VRMA is producing Economic Impact Studies that highlight financial contributions, jobs supported and much more. Learn more about these studies today and stay tuned for more coming soon.

Economic Impact Studies

General Resources

Access resources and information that can help you take action in an informed and decisive manner. We invite members to submit case studies or additional resources via

Marketing Resources Research studies
Government Affairs Tax resources (Coming soon!)
Ordinance Examples and Best Practices Industry definitions (Coming soon!)

Issue Tracking

Staying up to date on all of the most important legislation and regulations being considered is critical during your advocacy efforts. VRMA offers its members access to exclusive tracking resources at the local and state level. Learn more below.

Local Issue Tracking State Issue Tracking

State Resources

States have different distinctions, definitions, and laws when it comes to vacation rentals. Depending on where you operate, it’s important to know these as you begin to advocate in your area. If you live in one of the states below, click the corresponding link to learn more. Resources for additional states are coming soon.

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