South Carolina

South Carolina


Definition of “short term rental/vacation rental” in the state:

  • "Residential property" means an apartment, condominium, single family home, townhouse, cottage, or other property devoted to residential use or occupancy by one or more persons for a definite or indefinite period.
  • "Rental management company" means a licensed property manager-in-charge or broker-in-charge and their associates and employees who manage vacation rentals.
  • "Vacation rental" means the lease, sublease, or other rental of residential property for a period of fewer than ninety days, except that it does not include rental of residential property on a weekly or monthly basis pursuant to Chapter 40 of this title, the South Carolina Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

Note local jurisdictions may also have definitions for vacation/short term rental which are more restrictive.


Additional requirements:

South Carolina Vacation Rental Act:

  • A rental management company in a vacation rental agreement shall place in a trust account. 


Tax filing and accommodations by municipality

  • State sales tax, State accommodations tax and State-administered local tax remitted to South Carolina Department of Revenue
  • Local tax remitted to Local tax authority

Check with your marketplace for the latest information on which taxes it collects in your jurisdiction. Filing frequency and due dates are assigned from tax authority upon registration.


State law requires smoke detectors in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Standard 72E, 1990 Edition, and with NFPA Standard 74, 1989 Edition. Additional requirements may be made by local jurisdiction.



  • South Carolina has a General Assembly comprised of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate consists of 46 members House of Representatives consists of 124 part-time citizen legislators elected every two years.
  • Annual sessions begin on the second Tuesday in January. There is no limitation as to the length of the session but must adjourn no later than 5:00 P.M. on the second Thursday in May except if an extension is voted by a two-thirds vote of both chambers.
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