VRMA Members

VRMA Members

As VRMA members, staying up to date on local issues affecting our industry can make an important difference for your business. Whether it’s a local ordinance that changes or a new law limiting your ability to manage vacation rentals, we want to make sure you have the information you need to stay informed on how to act.

Our toolkit offers you the resources and tools that will assist you as you engage with policymakers in your area. We have case studies, sample email outreach, best practices, and more. Explore our resources and stay ahead of adverse and restrictive regulations.

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VRMA members are:

Vacation rentals are managed by professional teams, including home inspectors, housekeepers, marketing and technology specialists, and more, creating jobs in their local economies. Vacation rental managers also support an array of trades and businesses, including builders, plumbers, HVAC technicians, real estate agents, attorneys, restaurants, and attractions. In a study in Summit County, Colorado, by RRC Associates and the University of Colorado, 29% of all Summit County jobs were supported by vacation rentals.


Vacation rentals provide occupancy taxes to help balance local budgets and secure funding for vital community services. In a 2021 economic impact study by TXP, Inc., in South Carolina, vacation rentals resulted in direct spending by guests, yielding a total impact of over $4.8 billion in economic activity and over $1.4 billion in annual earnings.


Professional managers are invested in assuring the quality of life in their communities. This also means having a commitment to the places where they work and live. They possess local knowledge, including an understanding of local ordinances and the values of their neighbors.


Professionally-managed vacation rentals have implemented processes and solutions tested over time that provide guests with a reliable and consistent experience. They also share a common commitment to assure great guest experiences while contributing to their communities’ cultural and civic values.

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